“Dear Dr. Hsu, I really can’t express or find any words to thank you for everything you did for me. I am so happy with the results of my breast surgery. Even now I can’t believe how well it has turned out. You gave me back my life and my confidence in myself! Thank you very much!”

“Thank you for taking time to talk to me and listening to all of my many questions!! Your recommendation of an inframammary saline submuscular implant ended up being perfect for me. I know I had so many questions at the first visit and I could tell that you were careful in helping me choose something that was perfect for my body. I am thrilled with the results! Thanks!”

“Dr. Hsu, thank you for helping me! Not only for the surgery, but also for helping me to recover so well. You were right — going back to work has helped me out a lot. I was so glad to have you as my doctor since you were always there for me through all of my visits after the surgery. Thanks also for taking the time to take photos and even to give me a CD of them. I’ve been showing all my friends! icon smile

“I felt comfortable the first time I saw you … Dr. Hsu gave me a new life! I’d like to say to you again I appreciate it deeply. You made a huge difference in my life, more than you know.”

“Dear Dr. Hsu & the surgery team: I’d like to say thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. I am so happy with how things turned out! I love you guys so much.”

“You are the best doctor in the world. Thank you very much! From your fan!”

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