Los Angeles Plastic Surgery Dr. Hsu

Charles Hsu, M.D.

Originally from southern California, Dr. Hsu earned his MD from Harvard Medical School and completed his plastic surgery training at Stanford University Medical Center. He is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. As an Active Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Hsu specializes in plastic surgery of the breast, body, and face.

Prior to practicing in Beverly Hills, Dr. Hsu was a member of Stanford University’s clinical faculty and on staff at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, where he taught and supervised the next generation of doctors and plastic surgeons. He received the Stanford University School of Medicine teaching award for his clinical instruction of the medical students. In addition, he has published academic papers in the journals of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, on topics such as facelifts, rhinoplasty, and other aspects of plastic surgery.


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The decision to have plastic surgery is a personal one. A big part of this decision is finding a surgeon with whom you can trust your health and well-being. To me, this means that you should be comfortable with your surgeon’s credentials, training, experience, and character. Different surgeons do have different styles, and you should find a surgeon whose reasoning and recommendations make sense to you.
My own approach to plastic surgery developed naturally from my experiences at both Harvard Medical School and the Stanford University School of Medicine.  I have had the honor of learning from and working alongside some of the finest plastic surgeons in the country.  The best plastic surgeons truly take special care to fully understand all aspects of a patient’s life, before making any recommendations. Besides health and anatomy, this includes their individual concerns, personalities, and even lifestyles. There truly is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to plastic surgery patients, even for the most common procedures.
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Often times, I feel that “less is more,” particularly when it comes to aesthetic enhancement.  I do see some patients who I do not believe need anything done, and I feel very comfortable telling them that. Conversely, there are times when a surgical procedure is the best method, depending on the goal. There is a balance, and that is where good judgment is needed. As a member of the clinical faculty at Stanford, I have treated many people at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in this manner, individualizing their surgical plans while keeping in mind a healthy sense of balance. This has worked well for my patients, with good results and happy outcomes.
If you or a loved one are considering plastic surgery, I would highly recommend that you take the time to get to know your surgeon well, before making a decision. Talk to your surgeon in depth about what you are seeking and what your expectations are. If we can be of any assistance in your decision-making process, and if you would like to schedule a consultation, please feel free to contact us!