This 26-year-old sought a breast reduction because of constant back pain that made her daily activities difficult. She started as a 36DDD and we reduced her to a degree that fixed her back pain while keeping her breasts in proportion with her body. We also lifted the breasts to give them a more rejuvenated appearance. 

This 51-year-old patient came to us with a history of neck pain, back pain, and bra strap grooving in her shoulders due to large breasts. We performed a breast reduction to reduce her breast size from 38DD to 38C. Shown are results at 7 months while her scars are still in the process of fading. 

This 38-year-old woman was seeking breast reduction because of neck and shoulder pain for many years and because she felt self-conscious about them. She had also noticed sagging of her breasts as time passed, and particularly after having children. We both lifted and reduced the size of her breasts from 36DD to 36C (full) to maintain an aesthetic balance with the rest of her body, with good relief of her symptoms.