Worried About Sagging Breasts?

Another day at the gym, another set of push-ups and presses in hopes of restoring your breasts to their glory days. You’ve been reading and researching all the ways exercises and devices will “strengthen” the chest and surrounding muscles, and you’re ready to put those exercises to practice. Although exercise has countless health benefits, unfortunately it will do little to bring your breasts back to their youthful perkiness. There are some ways to minimize sagging, but if and when sagging does occur, plastic surgery or a great push-up bra are both great solutions!


Myth #1: Pectoral exercises-- bench presses, dumbbell pullovers-- will prevent sagginess. While workouts focused on pectoral strength can enhance tone, unfortunately they cannot change the shape or positioning of the breasts. The only possible way to return breasts to their previous elevation is through a breast lift.

Myth #2: Bouncing causes breasts to sag.

When gravity pulls breasts down, ligaments and skin can stretch, causing the breast to droop. The extent depends on the elasticity of your skin and of your ligaments, as determined by your genes and diet, and also on normal aging processes.

Myth #3: Breast size stays constant throughout a woman’s lifetime.

Breast size fluctuates depending on weight, hormonal, and overall lifestyle changes, especially during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Myth #4: Breast implants alone will provide a lift.

While implants provide volume and fullness, they do not actually lift the breast. If you opt for an implant alone and put it above the muscle to try to mimic a lift without actually performing a lift, you may be disappointed with the final outcome.

Myth #5: Creams, potions, lotions, and supplements can restore breast firmness and youthfulness

Breasts sag because the supporting structures, the skin and connective tissues within the breast, lose integrity with aging. No creams, exercise routines, or vitamins will restore this integrity-- no matter how expensive.

Tips for maintaining perky breasts:

  • Keep your weight stable-- dramatic weight fluctuation can cause sagging

  • Wear a properly fitted bra that offers ample support

  • Sleep on your back to avoid putting weight on your chest area

  • Keep breasts moisturized and use sunscreen

  • Always maintain good posture

  • Exercise regularly