1. Am I a good candidate for Jaw Slimming? 

The goal of jaw slimming is to decrease the size of your masseter muscle with a concentrated dose of botulinum toxin. The relative thickness of the masseter can be easily determined by biting down hard and feeling the outer jawline. If the muscle appears to be almost rock hard and enlarged in appearance when you clench your teeth, you may be a good candidate to have this procedure done. The best candidates for jaw slimming are men and women who are

  • Wide jawline due to overly large masseter muscle.
  • Desiring to improve the appearance of their jaw.
  • Realistic in their expectations.
  • Optimistic with the results.

2. What are the risks and possible complications associated with my procedure?

Although all procedures have some degree of risk, FDA-approved injections of botulinum toxin are relatively low risk in the hands of an expert injector. The most common side effects are:

  • Temporary muscle weakness.
  • Redness, irritation and swelling at the injection site.
  • In rare instances, patients may experience dry mouth, headache, dizziness, nausea and fever.

If you have a symptom that is more serious, such as a rash or trouble breathing, please call us immediately.
You can help minimize certain risks by following our advice and instructions, both before and after your botulinum toxin injection.

3. How does Botox reduce the size of my jaws?

The idea for jaw slimming is to inject a higher dosage to weaken the masseter muscles and cause it to atrophy or decrease in size. It will take a couple days to a week to weaken the muscle, but because the purpose is to wait for the muscle to atrophy you won’t see results until a month afterward. Dr. Hsu’s approach is to titrate the dosage and give a moderate dose initially and then give a second dose a second month if necessary.

4. Will you have a hard time chewing?

No. If you do experience some tiring after chewing for a while, this phenomenon is only temporary and will go away over time. 

5. How can I expect to look over time? What results are reasonable for me?

Depending on your age, skin condition and habits, effects of botulinum toxin could last anywhere from three to six months.

A follow-up appointment in weeks or months may be scheduled after the injection for re-evaluation, touch-up or additional treatments as indicated. You are of course encouraged to schedule your own follow-up sooner if you have any questions or concerns. Because the effect of the botulinum toxin is not permanent, it is best to develop a good relationship with Dr. Hsu and set a schedule for additional injections.

6. How long of a recovery period can I expect?

After the injections you can return to your regular activities immediately; however, strenuous activity is discouraged for the remainder of the day. Redness and swelling that occur at the time of injection usually resolve quickly. Any bruising that might occur will usually resolve over a week or two. Some quick tips for the best results:

  • Avoid massaging or touching the injected area afterwards; this may inadvertently cause the botulinum toxin to spread to an unintended area.
  • Lying down or inverting the body shortly after injection can also cause complications.
  • Avoid strenuous or vigorous activities for the rest of the day.
  • Ask or call the office before taking painkillers or medication.