Jaw slimming with injections is a non-invasive procedure gaining popularity. A widened jawline can be due to a number of factors: bone, fat, or an enlarged muscle in the outer lower cheek area, all of which can give a wide appearance in the lower jaw. Neuromodulator injections (like Xeomin, Botox, or Dysport) can be used to slim down the jawline by reducing the volume of the masseter muscle.

Good candidates for this procedure:

  • Patients who want to reduce the flare and width of a wide jaw line without surgery

  • Patients seeking improved facial harmony and a more oval facial shape

What to expect: Consultation

All cosmetic consultations are complimentary and serve as a great opportunity to gain further insight by voicing your concerns and having questions answered. During the initial consultation, Dr. Hsu will ask some questions to get to know you and determine if you are a good candidate for jaw slimming.

During the consultation, Dr. Hsu will first assess the area of lower outer jaw to see if the muscle is contributing to the widened lower jaw appearance. He will ask about your medical history, including existing medical conditions, past surgeries, tobacco usage, daily medications, supplements, and allergies. Dr. Hsu will then determine whether you are a good candidate who would benefit from the injection. In order to reach your aesthetic goal, both you and Dr. Hsu will work together to decide all the necessary details that will ultimately give you the best results. 

Procedure Details:

Dr. Hsu can non-surgically slim the jaw with a neurmodulator injection (such as Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin). Dr. Hsu will use a very thin needle to minimize pain and can also use numbing cream if you are sensitive to discomfort. Numbing cream typically takes approximately 15-20 minutes to affect patients.

Jaw Slimming.jpg

Dr. Hsu will inject a dosage specifically designed to weaken the masseter muscle and cause it to atrophy and then decrease in size. Muscle weakening takes effect anywhere between a few days to a week, and because the goal is for the muscle to atrophy, you will see results in approximately one month.

Dr. Hsu’s approach is to carefully titrate the dosage and giving a moderate dose initially followed by a second treatment at the second month if necessary. Therefore, if your jaw is not sufficiently slim after the first treatment, you are recommended to come in for another treatment the following month. Most patients need two treatments, but the range is often between one to three (spaced one month apart).

Overall, jaw slimming is well tolerated and extremely popular in our practice. The effects of Botox usually last somewhere from nine months to one year.

Dr. Hsu's view on Jaw Slimming,

Jaw slimming with injections started out as something that was done in Asian countries for Asian patients, and I believe that non-Asian patients have yet to discover it.  From my perspective, it seems like Asian patients place a very high premium on facial beauty (more than body), and so many of the newest innovations in terms of facial beautification come from Asia.

With regards to this procedure, I’ve found that the results are quite good, as long as the reason for the wide jawline is related to large muscle mass in the area.  I always check patients for this, but patients can also check themselves by placing their fingers on the angle of their jaw and clenching down.  This is an easy way to feel the muscle in the area, and it represents the mass that is targeted with the slimming injection.  If the facial width is due to muscle mass, then the injection can work very well.  If the facial width is due to bone or fat, then the injection will not work and patients are then better candidates for a jaw shaving procedure, which is an operative procedure.  In my experience, most patients need two injection treatments for full results.  Some patients need three, and some need one, but over 80% of my patients require two treatments.