A minimally invasive procedure is a good alternative for individuals who are looking to minimize their downtime after a procedure, and to get back to their busy lives as soon as possible. These are specialized and minor treatments to an area of the face and body, rather than a full procedure. Minimally invasive procedures can usually be performed under local anesthesia at Hsu Plastic Surgery, making it a comfortable and easy experience. This makes recovery faster and easier than procedures performed under general anesthesia. Most mini-procedures yield results up to 5 years. Following is a list of some of the mini-procedures that we offer:


A minimal scar is an important finishing touch on every plastic surgery procedure.  Dr. Hsu uses a special multi-layered closure technique for many of his operations. This technique minimizes scar by using multiple layers of stitching within tissue and the skin.  Very fine thread material is used for the stitches, and some of these stitches are hardly thicker than a human hair.  For most procedures, Dr. Hsu uses completely self-dissolving sutures, which means that there is no need for stitch removal and more comfort for patients.  The combination of all of these techniques with the selection of thin self-dissolving sutures means minimized scars for all patients, and added comfort too.

Below you can see some pictures of some surgical scars done with this special technique.  Results vary with each patient, but this is an example of the type of scar that can be achieved with this technique.