This was a 28-year-old woman who requested improvement in her nasal shape, as she felt that her nose had a “sunken-in” appearance. We performed an open rhinoplasty, using a cartilage graft to give her added height to her nose and to balance out the nose with the rest of the patient’s face.

This 30-year-old woman had some difficulty breathing due to a deviated septum and had some aesthetic concerns regarding the large nasal tip and the appearance of the "hump" on the nose. We improved the nasal shape by straightening the hump, refining the nasal tip, and correcting her deviated septum to in order to straighten her nose. Overall, the nose and facial aesthetics were improved.

This 22-year-old patient asked us to improve her nasal shape. She was happy with the frontal view but wanted the profile view to be improved due to a "hump on the nose." We performed an open rhinoplasty to reduce the nasal hump and improve her overall nasal shape. Shown are results at just 3 weeks after surgery, with the majority of her swelling already resolved and nasal shape still improving. 


This 36-year-old man requested improvement in his nasal hump and felt that he had a hanging nasal tip. We performed a male rhinoplasty with dorsal hump reduction and nasal tip lift to give his nose an improved shape while retaining his natural characteristics.

Patient was a 45-year-old woman who requested improvement in her eyelids and nasal shape while retaining the ethnic appearance of her nose. We performed upper & lower eyelid surgery to freshen her look, as well as rhinoplasty to mildly raise her nasal tip and soften her nasal hump without removing it.