This 27-year-old mother of two decided with her husband that they were finished having children, and she came to us seeking improvement in her abdomen and particularly her stretch marks. We were able to perform a tummy tuck with liposuction of her flank areas in order to improve her contour, to remove many of her stretch marks, and to give her a better overall shape. 

This 30-year-old mother of three told us that she wanted a conservative improvement of her abdomen, particularly in the area around and just above her belly button. We tightened her skin and muscle with a tummy tuck to give the abdomen a flatter appearance all over, and also performed liposuction of her flanks to give her better waist definition. 

This 31-year-old mother also sought improvement of her abdominal shape, with the bulging of the abdomen being her primary concern. We tightened her skin and muscle, placing the incision very low to hide it within her underwear, while giving her a dramatic improvement in her shape. 

This 55-year-old mother of two was an active Zumba dancer, but could not get rid of the milk skin laxity in her abdominal area. We performed a tummy tuck with liposuction of her waist area to give her better definition, with much improvement of her abdominal skin smoothness and contour. 

This was a 42-year-old woman who had three previous children and had abdominal wall laxity with extra skin. We performed a tummy tuck to remove her extra skin, flatten her abdominal contour, and remove stretch marks in the area below her belly button.

This 35-year-old professional woman requested improvement of her abdominal contour and stretch marks after having two children.  We performed a tummy tuck and liposuction of her flanks, with recreation of a natural appearing belly button to maximize her appearance.

Patient was a 38-year-old woman who noticed sagging in her tummy after having three children. She requested elimination of the rolls in her abdominal skin, and we achieved this by performing a tummy tuck to improve her abdominal contour.

This 31-year-old mother of two requested improvement of her excess abdominal skin.  We performed a tummy tuck and approximately 500cc of liposuction of her flanks to give her an improved appearance. 

This 26-year-old woman wanted tightening of her abdominal skin after having three kids through C-section, with a 40+ pound weight-gain during her pregnancies.  We performed a tummy tuck with recreation of a natural-appearing belly button, as well as flank liposuction, for an overall rejuvenated appearance.